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There are many amazing books written about freedom from pornography. 


But not everyone is a reader.

Into The Light is a teaching documentary on freedom from pornography that walks through the process of change from bondage in sin to freedom in Christ.

Jeremy Pierre

Jenny Solomon

Heath Lambert

Deepak Reju

Ellen Dykas

Garrett Kell

"It is so crucial that men and women who are struggling with pornography have great gospel-saturated, grace-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-based resources.

This is one of those resources."

Heath Lambert, author of Finally Free

"Into the Light uniquely brings a resource to the church to help brothers and sisters, young and old, strugglers and those who are helping the strugglers, to be able to fight sin and temptation."

Garrett Kell, author of Pure in Heart

This documentary was made possible by Christians like you, who are passionate about fighting pornography.
Will you help fund the next free resource?

Into The Light began with four simple observations: 

  1. There are pervasive sins that affect every Christian in the local church (like pornography).

  2. Books can equip Christians to fight sin and care for each other. 

  3. However, not everyone is a reader. 

  4. Therefore we need video resources to equip and inspire Christians. 

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